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Blockstar Advisors

Our diverse group of crypto experts specialize in providing web3 educational and consulting services to projects, businesses, and individuals.

Meet the Team

Our team consists of passionate crypto enthusiasts will well-rounded backgrounds and experience in the digital asset space.


Get to Know Us

We are a group of passionate crypto nerds focused on educating individuals and businesses on Web3 through content creation and direct consultation.


With industry-wide connections and a breadth of knowledge, we are equipped to provide exactly what you or your business requires


We offer a broad range of web3 services to projects, individuals, and businesses


  • Content creation

  • Video tutorials

  • Marketing services

  • Tokenomics Analysis

  • Product Development

  • Data Analysis


  • Crypto 101

  • How to buy & sell crypto

  • How to transact on blockchain

  • How to find and recover lost funds

  • Best security practices


  • Professionals

    • Accountants​

    • Lawyers

    • Real estate professionals

  • Small Businesses​​​​

    • Accepting crypto​

    • Implementing blockchain

    • NFTs


Web3 Consultants You Can Trust

Our mission is to provide educational and consulting services to individuals, businesses, and professionals who seek to understand web3 technologies in order to maximize investment returns, satisfy customers, and provide their best services. 

At Blockstar, we believe in order for crypto to succeed, there must first be general adoption which cannot be met without general understanding - that's where we come in.


With a combined 15+ years researching and advising on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, our trusted experts will be able to help you with all your web3 needs. 


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